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I’m Human!

Like so many parents of special needs children, I have spent many hours and days with doctors. So today, while we were cleaning the boys room, I tripped and fell. In the process I broke my big toe!  Like any good parent I blew it off and just raised it for a little bit knowing I would be fine.  Unfortunately my toe had other ideas.  So my daughter took me to Urgent Care and after x-rays it seems I chipped the bone at the joint.  So I am now wearing a shoe that is extremely stylish and will be using it for the next 4-6 weeks.  Of course my kids don’t care and I am suppose to do the normal stuff.  However, I have had a shot in my tush and am feeling ok right now.  So Tomorrow I will share the joys and excitement of having  identical twins with Down’s Syndrome and a deaf Autistic grandson running in the house.  Night all!  Mom